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Great pizza or bramborak right in the city center! Furnace blows 365 days a year, and always until 24:00 pm !!! Read more ...

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PIZZA deliveryInvite your friends over for a beer. Order pizza and drink beer Pilsen Urguell. Beer good for taste and thirst! CHOOSE FROM MENU
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PIZZA menu
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PIZZA menu
 01 PIZZA 5 salami... 139,00 CZK
 Tomato, csabai sausage, smoked meat, ham, pepper salami, anglická slanina, Eidam cheese  
 02 PIZZA Frutti di Mare... 139,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, garlic, seafood   
 03 PIZZA Koruna... 139,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, capari, pepper, olives, korbačík (sheep’s milk cheese),lovecký salami, Mozzarella  
 04 PIZZA Marná Sláva... 129,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, Hermelín (white mold cheese), ham, pepper salami, bacon  
 05 PIZZA Di Morgana... 129,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, ham, bacon, tuna, sweet corn  
 06 PIZZA Clandestino... 129,00 CZK
 Tomato, bacon, Niva (blue cheese), garlic, onion, Eidam cheese  
 07 PIZZA Baník pizzo... 129,00 CZK
 Tomato, csabai sausage, ham, Hermelín (white mold cheese), sweet corn, Eidam cheese  
 08 PIZZA Espaniola... 129,00 CZK
 Tomato, pepper salami, sweet corn, Asparagus, leek, Eidam cheese  
 09 PIZZA Di Capo... 129,00 CZK
 Tomato, pepper salami, kapie, Hermelín (white mold cheese), olives, leek, Eidam cheese  
 10 PIZZA Mesarosh... 129,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, Niva (blue cheese), ham, pepper salami, anglická slanina  
 11 PIZZA Di Carne... 129,00 CZK
 Tomato, chicken meat, pork meat, smoked cheese, tomato  
 12 PIZZA Affumicato ... 129,00 CZK
 Sour cream, smoked cheese, Eidam cheese, Hermelín (white mold cheese), Niva (blue cheese)  
 13 PIZZA Smoked yummy... 129,00 CZK
 Tomato, csabai sausage, smoked meat, banana peppers, Eidam cheese  
 14 PIZZA Tatranská... 129,00 CZK
 Tomato, korbačíky (sheep’s milk cheese), smoked meat, smoked cheese, pepper  
 15 PIZZA Balkany... 129,00 CZK
 Tomato, balkán (cheese), tomato, pepper, olives, Eidam cheese  
 16 PIZZA Napoletana... 129,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, ham, bacon, pepper, onion, champignons, egg, chilli  
 17 PIZZA Zingara... 129,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, pepper salami, csabai sausage, champignons, onion, chilli  
 18 PIZZA Alla Campagna... 129,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, lovecký salami, tvarůžky (ripened soft cheese), onion, hot peppers  
 19 PIZZA Ragu... 129,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, chicken meat, onion, pepper  
 20 PIZZA Vegetariana... 129,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, smoked cheese, pepper, artichokes, sweet corn, broccoli, tomato  
 21 PIZZA Salame piccante... 129,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, pepper salami, lovecký salami, artichokes, pepper habaneros  
 22 PIZZA Quattro formaggi... 119,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, Niva (blue cheese), Hermelín (white mold cheese), Mozzarella  
 23 PIZZA Quattro stagione... 119,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, olives, champignons, ham, artichokes  
 24 PIZZA Pollo... 119,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, olives, chicken meat, leek, sweet corn  
 25 PIZZA Mexicana... 119,00 CZK
 Tomato, pepper salami, onion, bean seed pods, pepperoncino, sýr Eidam  
 26 PIZZA Speciale con Cucinav... 119,00 CZK
 Tomato, bacon, Hermelín (white mold cheese), leek, pepperoncino, Eidam cheese  
 27 PIZZA Hungary... 119,00 CZK
 Tomato, csabai sausage, banana peppers, Eidam cheese  
 28 PIZZA Spinach temptation... 119,00 CZK
 Sour cream, spinach, egg, garlic, Eidam cheese  
 29 PIZZA Calabria... 119,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, pepper salami, ham, banana peppers, Hermelín (white mold cheese)  
 30 PIZZA Marcela... 119,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, ham, olives, Hermelín (white mold cheese)  
 31 PIZZA Di San Martino... 119,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, lovecký salami, Hermelín (white mold cheese), champignons  
 32 PIZZA Cammilo... 119,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, ham, bacon, champignons, hot peppers  
 33 PIZZA Valaška... 119,00 CZK
 Eidam cheese, bacon, cabbage, sausage  
 34 PIZZA Vesuve... 119,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, ham, pepper salami, olives, tavený sýr  
 35 PIZZA El Diablo... 119,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, spicy salami, spinach, egg, pepperoncino  
 36 PIZZA Semplice... 119,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, ham, bacon, pepper, egg  
 37 PIZZA Beatrice... 119,00 CZK
 Sour cream base, Eidam cheese, potato slices, redonion  
 38 PIZZA Soll... 119,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, ham, pepper salami, korbačík (sheep’s milk cheese), artichokes  
 39 PIZZA Margherita... 109,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, Mozzarella, basil  
 40 PIZZA Serenata... 109,00 CZK
 Eidam cheese, bacon, tvarůžky (ripened soft cheese)  
 41 PIZZA Maestro... 109,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, ham, champignons, sweet corn  
 42 PIZZA Al Ochio... 109,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, ham, champignons, Niva (blue cheese)  
 43 PIZZA Prosciuto funghi... 109,00 CZK
 Tomato, Eidam cheese, ham, champignons  
 44 PIZZA Hawaii ... 109,00 CZK
 Tomato, ham, pineapple, Eidam cheese  
 45 PIZZA Con Spinaci... 109,00 CZK
 Tomato, spinach, sweet corn, kapie, onion, garlic, Eidam chesse  
 46 PIZZA Beer delice... 109,00 CZK
 Tomato, tvarůžky (ripened soft cheese), banana peppers, Eidam cheese  
 47 PIZZA Garlic pizza... 109,00 CZK
 Tomato,Eidam cheese, garlic, bacon  
 48 PIZZA Prosciuto... 99,00 CZK
  Tomato, ham, chesse  
  49 PIZZA Pizza Brot Speciale... 99,00 CZK
 Eidam cheese, garlic, bacon  
Pizza TOP 7
TOP1 Centrum... 139,00 CZK
 tomato, garlic, ham, sausage, Eidam chesse, Hermelín (white mold cheese), Niva (blue cheese), oregano, pepper salami  
TOP2  Euro... 139,00 CZK
 tomato, sweet corn, onion, garlic, ham, bacon, Eidam chesse, banana peppers, champignons, oregano, pepper salami  
TOP3 Shrek pizza... 139,00 CZK
 tomato, sweet corn, onion, ham, bacon, egg, Eidam chesse, banana peppers, oregano, tvarůžky (ripened soft cheese), olives green  
TOP4 Meat delicacy... 139,00 CZK
 tomato, ham, sausage, bacon, chicken meat, Eidam chesse, oregano, pepper salami, smoked meat, pork meat  
TOP5 Benitto... 139,00 CZK
 tomato, sweet corn, ham, bacon, chicken meat, Eidam chesse, oregano, leek  
TOP6 Delikates... 139,00 CZK
 cream base, onion, chicken meat, Eidam chesse, Niva (blue cheese), tvarůžky (ripened soft cheese)  
TOP7 Big cheese... 139,00 CZK
 cream base, Eidam chesse, smoked chesse, Hermelín (white mold cheese), Niva (blue cheese), tvarůžky (ripened soft cheese), korbačíky (sheep’s milk cheese)  
Pizza PLUS - ingredients prizes
50 g Tatar sauce... 15,00 CZK
50 g Ketchup... 10,00 CZK
 50 g Eidam cheese, Mozzarella, Niva (blue cheese), Hermelín (white mold cheese), smoked cheese, korbačíky (sheep’s milk cheese), tvarůžky (ripened soft cheese), Balkan cheese, processed cheese... 25,00 CZK
 50 g pepper salami, csabai sausage, ham, smoked meat, bacon, lovecký salami... 25,00 CZK
 50 g chicken meat, pork meat, tuna... 30,00 CZK
 50 g seafood ... 40,00 CZK
 50 g pepper, tomato, sweet corn, black olives, green olives, banana peppers, broccoli, champignons, bean seed pods, potato slices, pineapple, artichokes, leek, spinach, hot peppers, capari... 20,00 CZK
 50 g onion, garlic, pepperoncino, egg... 10,00 CZK
 50 g Asparagus... 25,00 CZK
   chilli sauce, dressing America, devilled sauce... 18,00 CZK
PIZZA: weight 600-800 g, diameter 35 cm.




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Pizza Quatro stagione"Marná Sláva"
Most ordered pizza at Marná Sláva

Pizza a la Campana"Massarosh"
Pizza with the strongest flavor at Marná Sláva

Baník Pizzo"Baník Pizzo"
The most original pizza at Marná Sláva



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