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Great pizza or bramborak right in the city center! Furnace blows 365 days a year, and always until 24:00 pm !!! Read more ...

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PIZZA deliveryInvite your friends over for a beer. Order pizza and drink beer Pilsen Urguell. Beer good for taste and thirst! CHOOSE FROM MENU
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Marná Sláva Vines
Wines by the glass
White vines
0,2 l Müller Thurgau... 28,00 CZK
0,2 l Grüner Veltliner... 28,00 CZK
Red vines
0,2 l Lemberger... 28,00 CZK
0,2 l Saint Laurent... 28,00 CZK
0,75 l Bohemia Sect demi sec ... 210,00 CZK

Bohemia Sekt demi sec sparkling wine is harmonious, slightly sweet flavor and crisp, medium-bodied flowery fragrance. Cuvée is composed according to the original recipe from high quality white wines of the best varieties. Its popularity is growing in the summer - on a hot summer afternoon in combination with ripe strawberries brings Bohemia Sekt demi sec is the best refreshment.


The quality of its products, dynamic growth and increasing international recognition Bohemia Sekt among the most important producers of sparkling wines and Central and Eastern Europe. Connection winemakers from the Old Plzence, Mikulov, Great Bílovice, Bzence, Pavlova created ideal conditions for the harmonious blending of natural conditions, to produce a sparkling wine of the highest quality.

Vintage vines
White vines
0,75 l Pinot Blanc... 175,00 CZK

Full-bodied green color and a flowery bouquet of iris. Maturation takes to bready flavor. Perfectly match to chicken, vegetable salads, the cheese and slightly spicy dishes.

0,75 l Grüner Veltliner... 175,00 CZK

Fine wine with a fruity aroma, yellowish-green color and fresh acidity. It has a delicate, slightly spicy almond flavor. We recommend it to salads, cheeses, as well as the fried dishes.

0,75 l Müller Thurgau... 175,00 CZK

A very popular variety with a delicate muscatel aroma and harmonious flavor with lower acidity. We can recommend it to a less prominent starters, vegetable soups, fish or white soft cheese.

0,75 l Moravian Muscat... 175,00 CZK

Fresh, spicy honey-sweet wine with sparkling green color and golden glitter offers a rich array of fine aroma of muscat, fruity spicy tones. Typical muscat aroma and flavor certainly recognize that is otherwise full, balanced, with mineral tones and fresh flavor of the grapes. Moravian Muscat can be enjoyed with grilled chicken, but sweetly fragrant light wine is also suitable for seafood or slightly sweet desserts.

0.75l Moravian Muscat kabinet... 225,00 CZK
0.75l Chardonnay... 175,00 CZK
0.75l Chardonnay PS... 225,00 CZK
0,75l Riesling... 175,00 CZK
0,75l Riesling PS... 225,00 CZK
Red vines
0,75 l Lemberger PS... 235,00 CZK

Belongs to a a number of exotic wines. Mellowness of Merlot with soft tannins gave rise to an elegant wine with well-balanced flavor and typical ruby ​​color.

0,75 l Blue Portugal... 185,00 CZK

Wine bright ruby ​​red color, delicate aroma, delicate flavor with lower acidity and tannins. Very pleasant to drink wine, suitable for spicy dishes of turkey, duck, goose or pheasant. Well its unusual properties in connection with game dishes.

0,75l Lemberger... 175,00 CZK
0.75l Pinot Noir... 185,00 CZK
0,75l Pinot Noir PS... 235,00 CZK
0,75l Saint Laurent... 185,00 CZK
0,75l Saint Laurent PS... 225,00 CZK
0,75l Gewurztraminer PS... 249,00 CZK
Straw and ice wines
White vines
0,2 l Grüner Veltliner straw... 570,00 CZK

The high sugar content of the grapes was achieved using a special technology ripening grapes hanging in a ventilated area for at least three months. During molding was measured sugar content of grapes by 52.8 NM. Wine, despite the high degree of over-ripening has retained its unique character straw wine and dark-green color. The production was 2000 kg of grapes used and the shrinkage was produced only 400 l of this delicious drink with residual sugar 197 g / l of wine.

Red vines
0,2 l Cabernet Sauvignon ice... 420,00 CZK

Gathering grapes for ice wine ran for chilly nights at-8o C. Wine stands out slightly aromatic odor stewed fruit. The taste is rich and full bodied with notes of acacia honey, topped crisp acidity. Top appreciate his generosity special occasion with your loved ones.





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Pizza Quatro stagione"Marná Sláva"
Most ordered pizza at Marná Sláva

Pizza a la Campana"Massarosh"
Pizza with the strongest flavor at Marná Sláva

Baník Pizzo"Baník Pizzo"
The most original pizza at Marná Sláva



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